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What is DiscoverText? A Power Tool for Text

Questions about Sifter? Please see our FAQs

About Sifter

Sifter provides search and retrieve access to every undeleted Tweet in the history of Twitter. Users submit historical Twitter estimate requests using a variety of using a variety of Twitter Premium PowerTrack rules. When the query is done, Sifter generates an email estimating the approximate number of tweets responsive to the query and the cost to get the data. If you make a purchase via Sifter, the data is licensed by Texifter. We store the Twitter data in a free trial Enterprise DiscoverText account where you can perform advanced text analytics to search, filter, cluster, code, and machine classify the data.

For more videos, head over to see a collection of recent Texifter videos. The Sifter application is designed and supported by Texifter, LLC. For more information, please contact info@texifter.com.

Plugged into Gnip


Take random samples
Proximity searches
Filter by language
Exact Phrase Match
Find exact phrases
Search for influentials
Explore hashtags
Locate geocoded data
Filter using bios
URL contains
Find tweet links
Verify Twitter Users
Verify Twitter users
Limit by time zone


Our pricing model is simple:

Three free estimates per day
$25 per day of data retrieval
$7.50 per 10,000 tweets
Any Sifter purchase includes 14 days of Enterprise DiscoverText access. This enables up to three users to collaborate on the dataset.
No refunds are allowed. Please see the Sifter Terms of Service.


Contact Us

Email: info@texifter.com

Call: (413) 992-8513

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