Sifter strictly adheres to the Twitter Terms of Service, the Twitter Rules, the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy, and the Twitter Privacy Policy.

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Sifter provides search and retrieve access to every undeleted Tweet in the history of Twitter. Users submit historical Twitter estimate requests using a variety of using a variety of Twitter Premium Powertrack rules. When the query is done, Sifter generates an email estimating the approximate number of tweets responsive to the query and the cost to get the data. If you make a purchase via Sifter, the data is licensed by Texifter.

We cannot provide refunds for any purchases as we are charged immediately by our data provider when you accept a purchase.

Please note: Texifter is not data reseller. Users of Sifter are paying Texifter to license and display the Twitter data in DiscoverText. We cannot send you the data in raw JSON format or let you download more than 50,000 Tweets per day as per Twitter's terms of service.